our trip in Australia

10 mars 2018



The Great Barrier Reef is the most beautiful law we have ever seen.

It is a one of the seven wonders of the world,it is 2600 kms. There are plenty

of aquatic animals and it's very colourfull.

The Great Barrier Reef is listed World Heritage since 1981; but the reef has lost

more than half of its coral surface since 1985.


Sharks are the most scared aquatic animal !

Sharks or selachimorphs form a super- order of cartilaginous fish

with  fine to seven gill slits on the sides of the head and pectoral fins.

For my part I have never seen a shark.


We met the rock band AC DC, here is our interview.

1.What does it mean to be a group?

Being a group is freedom, and that's exactly what we feel at every concert.

2. Do you sometimes feel stress in the face of hudge crowds?

Never, because it is part of what we do.No public, no atmosphere.

3.Have you ever done a concert that did not work with the audience?

No, and it's not ready to arrive!

4.Imaginary narrative

For the first time we surfed, and in the Pacific it was close to Sydney and the water was spreading as far as the eye could see, it glittered before our eyes.This was the most beautiful experience of our life! there were no sharks ...

5.Subjet picks: The dingo fence

The Dingo Fence is the longest fence built in the world. Located in Australia,it is designed to protect sheep farms from the incursions of dingoes, Australian wild dogs.
I used to see dingoes,but i did'nt use to see sheeps.










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